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Terms And Conditions

These terms of service (TOS) govern your use of this site, which is provided by By accessing, signing up to, or using this site you are indicating your acceptance of these terms of use.

These terms of use are subject to change by our company at any time at its discretion. Your use of this site after such changes are implemented constitutes your acknowledgment and acceptance of the changes. Please consult these terms of use regularly.

This TOS is last updated on the 20th of January 2024

1. Definitions

(a) Consignment/Shipment/Goods

A document, a parcel, a pallet, or group of parcels or pallets sent to a single address.

(b) Carrier, or the courier company/companies that engages to facilitate our services.

(c) We/Our/Us

(d) Consignor/Customer/Shipper/Sender/User/You

The account holder, or anybody with the account holder’s permission accessing and/or using that account

(e) Consignee/Receiver/Recipient

The person who the consignment is addressed to.

(f) Waybill/Airway Bill/Shipping Labels

The shipping documentation placed on the parcel.

(g) Third Party

A person or group besides account holder and intended recipient that is in some way involved in the shipping process.

(h) Working Day

Monday to Friday from 9:00am to 5.00pm, Premium Services on Saturdays, public and bank holidays. We do not work on Sundays.

(i) Retail Access/Service Point

A location designated by a carrier to offer convenient parcel retrieval or drop-off for pre-paid labelled shipments.

(j) DAP (“Delivered at Place”)

The seller is responsible for arranging carriage and for delivering the goods, ready for unloading from the arriving conveyance, at the named place. Duties are not paid by the seller under this term.

(k) DDP (“Delivered Duty Paid”)

The seller is responsible for delivering the goods to the named place in the country of the buyer, and pays all costs in bringing the goods to the destination including import duties and taxes. The seller is not responsible for unloading. This term places the maximum obligations on the seller and minimum obligations on the buyer.

2. Notable Terms


2.1 is a provider and also an organizer, coordinator and consolidator of parcel and pallet traffic.
We DO NOT always come into direct contact with some consignment(s), but arrange the collection and delivery of these types of shipments through one of the carriers with whom we hold an account.

However, we handle all same day couriers in-house.

2.2 Our Carriers usually operate between the hours of 09:00 to 17:30 on working days, with the exception of our premium services on weekends and holiday periods (Ireland Only)

2.3 Our website takes all booking data as per your instructions. It is your responsibility to ensure that all information is entered correctly. accepts no responsibility for delays, loss, missorts, redirections, returns or surcharges caused by incomplete or incorrect information. This includes the use of our postcode/Eircode address lookup tool. Please review all relevant information before submitting your order.

2.4 Competitor agents, couriers, freight forwarders and delivery intermediaries must seek permission in writing to use our services. Any users found to be re-selling our services to third parties without permission will have their orders intercepted and returned at the user’s expense. No liability cover or transit guarantees whatsoever will apply to these orders.

2.5 Where a third party 3PL provider is involved in the delivery of your parcel, throughout the duration of transit, our customers hold contract with and not our suppliers. All contact and queries must be directed through who will in turn contact the relevant carrier on your behalf.

2.6 Our carriers have the right to refuse a consignment for given reasons including but not limited to; the goods being classified as dangerous, insufficient/inappropriate packaging, the consignment being too big /heavy, or the consignment being unattended or not properly packaged at the time of collection.

2.7 We require a full name and telephone number for the sender and receiver who may be called in the event of a query i.e., an address query. Failure to provide this information when booking or on request may result in the consignment being delayed, returned or abandoned at the expense of the shipper.
No claims for late or abandoned shipments will be accepted if this information is not provided or if erroneous information is provided

2.8 Transit times are to major destinations, and they do not include time in Customs and are provided as a guide only. Transit times can vary depending on the size and content of the shipment, the origin and destination locations within each country and public holidays. All transit times are effective from the day after collection.

2.9 Payment is taken by automated payment system at the end of the booking process. Surcharges may also be applied during transit or after delivery. Please see section 10 for more information on surcharges.

2.10 reserves the right to refuse any order or user from its system and services.

3. Prohibited Items

3.1 Prohibited Items are items or goods that must NOT be shipped via our services under any circumstances. Please check our Prohibited Items list to ensure the goods you wish to ship are not prohibited from our services.

3.2 It is the responsibility of the account holder to ensure that prohibited items are not shipped via our services or carrier accounts. If you do not comply with our terms on shipping prohibited items we may deal with your goods as we see fit. This includes, but is not limited to, making contact with relevant law enforcement agents, our solicitors, etc, which could result in criminal investigations and seizure and destroying of your goods (in whole or in part). No refund will be given.

3.3 accepts absolute zero liability for any prohibited items shipped via our services and carrier accounts. This means no liability cover or guarantees whatsoever will apply to such a shipment. will not provide transit cover or liability for damage, delay, or loss, nor will it under any circumstances be held liable for any adverse consequences or outcomes arising from damage, delay, or loss of such a shipment, now or in the future.

3.4 Please note that’s booking systems are automated by computer software, therefore our staff are unable to monitor all traffic shipped. It is your responsibility to check our prohibited items list or to contact us to confirm if your goods are permitted.

3.5 Our Prohibited Items list is not exhaustive and should be viewed as an ideal for all and any similar items to those listed. If you are unsure of the items you wish to ship you should contact us for further advice.

3.6 We have the right to intercept, hold and investigate the contents of any parcel that is suspected to contain prohibited items and/or is suspected to be related to a case of fraud. Authorities will be notified if necessary.

See our list of Prohibited items here.

4. Items with Limited Liability & Zero Liability

4.1 Items of limited liability are goods that are not covered for damage in transit. No claim for damage will be accepted. These items are shipped at your own risk.4.2 Only claims for loss will be considered for items with limited liability, provided that’s Claims Department is satisfied that the shipper has gone to reasonable effort to meet our packaging guidelines.

4.3 Claims for loss will not be considered if goods are disposed of in the interests of health and safety or preservation of assets and property; for example, broken glass, leaking containers or bare metal.

4.4 Zero liability items are those that are excluded from compensation for loss and damage. Claims for items that feature on our zero liability list will not be accepted. These items are shipped at your own risk.

5. Collections

5.1 Regular collections are made on working days only, usually between the hours of 09:00 and 17:30.However, our premium service covers Saturdays and all public holidays.

5.2 For items that involve third party 2PL,and 3PL providers and partners, it is the shippers’ responsibility to ensure that all parcels are scanned as ” collected ” before being taken away by the driver. If this cannot be done the shipper must obtain the drivers signature on a manifest document. No liability cover or guarantees will apply whatsoever to a consignment that is collected without being scanned as collected or where no written proof can be provided.

5.3 Once a consignment has been collected, it is not guaranteed that it can be intercepted and returned to the sender. Returns are on a request basis only.

5.4 In a situation where our carriers found it expedient to subcontract your collection to a third party courier to collect from locations they do not cover. This may add 1-3 business days to your quoted transit time. Both and the third party courier are protected by all the terms of these terms of service.

5.5 With the exception of orders booked on our dedicated UK pallet services, collection drivers are not obliged to make phone calls prior to or upon collection of your parcels.
It also your responsibility to have your parcel is ready before the arrival of our driver.
If your parcel is not ready upon the arrival of our driver, our driver reserves the right to leave for the next job and you will have to call our office to re-book your collection and pay the excess fee for the second trip.

5.6 Our Customer Service team may sometime not be able to contact the driver once they leave for a job. Consequently, ensure that your parcels are arranged and and checked before the arrival of the driver. We ma not be able to redirect the driver back to you once he/she leaves your premises.

5.7 Our carriers do not automatically reattempt collection after a collection has failed. It is the shipper’s responsibility to inform as soon as possible so that collection is re-booked for you.

5.8 Shipments booked on our dedicated UK and European pallet services will incur an aborted collection surcharge per pallet space (120 cm X 100 cm) if; goods are not ready, suitable for transport or if nobody is available at the collection point on the date and time you have booked the collection to take place.

5.9 All collections are subject to request only and are not guaranteed. Compensation for failed or late collections will not be given.

5.9.1 On services where collections are subject to an additional charge, a credit of the additional charge paid may be requested in the event that a collection fails and the carrier is at fault. In such instances,’s liability is limited to the cost of the additional charge paid only.

5.10 A surcharge of up to 100% of the original shipping charge may be applied if your collection fails.

5.11 Collection drivers are not obliged to manually lift parcels exceeding 25KG unassisted. If your goods exceed 25KG, please ensure you have the physical or mechanical capability to assist the driver with loading.

5.12 Consignments over 70KG in gross or volumetric weight will require 24hrs notice for our carriers to collect so a suitable vehicle can be arranged for collection.

5.13 Third Party Collections /Three Way Collections /Freight Forward Collections; this is where the customer is arranging a collection from a remote address. It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure there is somebody at the remote collection address to hand the goods to the driver.

5.13.1 Under no circumstances should any shipping labels be used except the pre-paid shipping labels supplied by Any use of manual waybills (hand written labels) will invalidate transit cover and void any claim for delay, damage or loss. The account holder will be liable for all expenses associated with our carrier account for that shipment.

5.14 Dropping parcels at access and service points means you are opting for a collection from a remote address, instead of your own. If your goods need collecting the same day, you must advise those responsible at the collection point and ensure your parcels are dropped before the specified cut off time. accepts no responsibility for failed collection from access and service points. Please obtain a receipt for the goods you have dropped off.

5.15 Our couriers cannot collect direct from stands at exhibition halls or trade fairs in any circumstances. Collections can be made from the logistics agent managing the exhibition/fair only.

6. Deliveries

6.1 can only deliver to (and collect from) a full street address. We cannot deliver to PO Box, BFPO, APO, FPO or any other Post Box addresses. If a consignment is collected and returned for this reason, no refund will be given.

6.2 All deliveries are made between Monday and Friday (excluding those booked on premium services), usually between the hours of 09:00 and 17:30. Shipments booked on AM deliveries may be attempted before 09:00.

6.3 The couriers we use are contracted to deliver to the address you nominate. They are not contracted to deliver to a specific person.

6.4 On occasion where our carriers subcontract to a third party courier to deliver to destinations they do not cover. This may add up to 3 working days to quoted transit times. Both and the third party courier are protected by all the terms of these terms of service.

6.5 is not able to proactively monitor your shipments for you. It is your responsibility to monitor your tracking information and advise us of any irregularities.

6.6 With the exception of orders booked on our dedicated UK pallet services, delivery drivers cannot make phone calls prior to or upon delivery.

6.7 In the event that there is nobody at the delivery address when delivery is attempted, goods may either be left with a neighbour, delivered to a nearby retail or access point, left in an outside location deemed safe by the driver on the property (service dependent) or returned the shipment to the local depot. The carriers we use will usually leave a calling card advising of the action that has been taken but this is not guaranteed.

6.8 Please note; for all overseas shipping, a local contact phone number must be supplied for the recipient. Our carriers will not call a UK or any other international phone number. Refunds will not be given for goods returned due to missing or incorrect contact details.

6.9 The reliability of consignee contact details is not assumed by If a consignment is delayed or returned to the shipper because contact could not be made with the consignee, will not be held accountable. No refund will be given in such instances. The shipper will be liable for return charges.

6.10 It is your responsibility to track all orders and contact our offices prior to the return to rectify any issues. Once returned the item will not be re shipped free of charge, as delivery has been attempted completing the agreed contract.

6.11 Deliveries booked on our dedicated UK pallet services will incur a re delivery surcharge (one per pallet space) if the destination address is incorrect, is closed, vacant, or unwilling /unable to accept the shipment on the first delivery attempt.

6.12 Transit times quoted by are not inclusive of time taken to clear goods through customs. .

6.13 Delivery drivers are not obliged to manually lift parcels exceeding 25KG in gross weight unassisted. If your item exceeds 25KG, please ensure you have the physical or mechanical capability to assist the driver with loading.

6.14 Our couriers cannot deliver direct to stands at exhibition halls or trade fairs in any circumstances. Deliveries must be made to the logistics agent managing the exhibition/fair only.

7. Customs Clearance

7.1 All exports traveling to destinations outside of the European Union are subject to customs clearance (this excludes documents shipped on our document services).

7.2 When booking with, you are pre-paying for the transit of your consignment only. Import duty/taxes may be applied by local customs authorities which must be paid by the importer before or in some cases after delivery is made.

7.3 is not liable to pay any customs charges that may arise. All shipments sent via our services are sent DAP (Delivered at Place) unless otherwise agreed in writing prior to collection of the shipment.

7.4 All exports to destinations outside of the European Union require a customs invoice. Depending on the commodity shipped, the destination or the reason for shipping, further information and supplementary documentation may be required.

7.5 can offer basic advice and assistance on export matters but it not an official point of authority on customs procedures.

7.5.1 Our customers’ knowledge of customs procedures is not assumed. It is your responsibility to familiarise yourself with customs formalities and regulations in the destination country that you are shipping to before shipping.

7.5.2 It is the exporter’s responsibility to ensure all export documentation is present and correct. We recommend either contacting HMRC in the UK or the Revenue in Ireland or the consulate or customs authority of the destination country to ensure all paperwork requirements are met prior to shipping.

7.6 has no association with, or influence or control over; charges, delays, decisions or any other action taken by local Customs authorities. For this reason we cannot query or dispute any decisions made by local Customs authorities on behalf of the importer.

7.7 reserves the right to pass on unrecoverable customs charges to the account holder concerned.

7.8 Customs authorities may seize, destroy or return goods back to the sender for any reason. Common reasons include; prohibition of the goods shipped, export restrictions, incorrect or insufficient paperwork or non-payment of import duties/taxes. Claims for loss, damage or delay will not be accepted in such instances.

7.9 Documents shipped on our document service are not subject to customs clearance. A customs invoice is therefore not needed. Supplying one may cause confusion and in turn delays. cannot be held responsible for any delays or charges applied by customs authorities for this reason.

7.9.1 Our document services cannot be used to ship any products or commodities. They must be used for shipping documents only. will not be held responsible for customs delays or any other outcomes if commodities are shipped via our document services.

7.10 Consignments that exceed the value of £4,699 or €5000 may be delayed as they will require further documentation for clearance.

8. Payment

8.1 All pay as you go shipping payments are taken via our website only. We do not accept payment via phone or post.

8.2 Payment is taken by’s automated payment system at the end of the booking process. Payment can be made by most credit cards.

8.2.1 All major credit and debit cards at the time of booking (Pay as you go). Cards can be saved by our secure payment processor ready for repeat orders. Please note; all card details are securely encrypted, we have no access to these details.

8.2.2 Credit account. reserves credit facilities for business users only. Credit account users agree that all invoices will be paid on the last day of the month following the one in which the invoice is dated. Unless where otherwise agreed, late payments are subject to Statutory Interest in governance with the Late Payment of Commercial Debts (Interest) Act 1998. To be eligible for a credit account, applicants will have a weekly spend in excess of £250 or €300 (exc. VAT).

8.3 reserves the right to refuse, refund or request supporting documents to qualify any payments made through our automated systems. Failure to comply with reasonable requests for supporting documentation may result in termination of the contracted services.

9. Cancellation & Refunds

9.1 Up until the time that a consignment is collected, you reserve the right to cancel an order and receive a full refund minus any collection attempt charges that may apply.

9.2 Refunds are usually processed the same day but may take up to 72 hours to authorise in some cases. Payments will be returned via the same method of payment used to originally pay for the order. Refunds cannot be made to any other person, card or account other than that which was used to pay for the order. Once processed, refunds are instant. The time taken for funds to reach your account will be dependent on your bank.

9.3 Refund requests for orders where goods have not been shipped or where shipping labels have not been used must be made within 30 days of the order date to guarantee a refund.

10. Surcharges

10.1 On occasion, surcharges may be charged to the account holder. These charges are payable in addition to the costs pre-paid for the carriage of a shipment. Surcharges represent additional costs incurred by either directly, or from its carriers that are relative to your shipments, or administrative costs suffered by A common list of surcharges that may be applied during the booking process or during or after delivery. Surcharges will be confirmed in writing by email to the account holder.

10.2 All surcharges are charged in line with the current tariff of the carrier in question (if not subsidised by and are subject to VAT where applicable.

10.3 If surcharges are not settled or queried (with evidence demonstrating that the surcharge is undue) within 5 working days of being raised, the amount will be charged directly to the original payment method used when your order was booked.

10.3.1 Where surcharges exceed £100.00 / €120, or where surcharges are applied to orders paid for with a pre-paid card, surcharges will be automatically billed to the original payment method used. A five day notice period will not be given in these instances. This will not affect your right to dispute a surcharge.

10.4 Goods may be held, returned to our office, sold or auctioned to recover any unpaid charges owed by the shipper.

10.5 Brokerage services are provided by the couriers we use at no extra cost for routine customs clearance. On occasion, your import or export may require the couriers’ brokerage teams to perform additional duties which attract a supplementary charge. These are charged in line with the respective carriers’ latest tariffs. For more information on these surcharges

10.6 If you wish to query a surcharge, you may write to us via email stating your query and provide any evidence to support your query. will forward your query to the relevant carrier on your behalf. Please note; has no authority to override the carriers’ final decision.

11. Delay, Damage & Loss

11.1 If your shipment is delivered later than quoted you may be entitled to a partial refund of the shipping costs paid. Claims for late delivery must be brought to our attention within 10 days of delivery.

    • Late parcel deliveries shipped on time specific services (such as pre 9AM) will either be credited down to the cost of the lesser service received (e.g. by 12PM) or a 25% refund of the shipping costs will be given (whichever the greater amount). On all other parcel services you may request a 25% refund of the shipping costs paid.


  • Late pallet deliveries will been credited down to the lesser service received.

11.2 Claims for damaged, lost or late deliveries will be refused if occurring under any of the following situations:

  • Insufficient packaging/Incorrect labelling
  • Prohibited contents
  • Consequences of war
  • Force Majeure (an unforeseeable or natural phenomenon which involves no human agency, is not realistically possible to guard against, is due directly and exclusively to natural causes and/or could not have been prevented by any amount of foresight, plans, or care).

11.3 Transit times quoted by are not inclusive of time taken to clear goods through customs, where applicable.
11.4 If the box or packaging is clearly damaged on delivery, it is of paramount importance that the recipient signs for the delivery as ‘DAMAGED’, and also to ensure a photographic proof of damage is recorded, otherwise any claim for damage will be refused. It is the shipper’s responsibility to inform the recipient of these Terms and Conditions.

11.5 Recipients must sign ‘UNCHECKED’ for any delivery that he or she is unable to check when the driver delivers.

11.6 In the event of damage all packaging must be kept for inspection. The item must be available for inspection in the state it was delivered and at the address it was delivered to. If an inspection is required and the item is moved, put to use, repaired or otherwise altered or if the packaging is not retained, claims will be rejected.

11.7 Any claim resulting from goods that are not packaged to a professional standard will be rejected. All items must be packaged in double walled cardboard shipping containers with at least 3” (7.62cm) of appropriate cushioning materials between the goods and the outer walls of the box.

11.8 Any item traveling through our services must be able to withstand a short drop. Fragile items should not be sent through our services. Any item that is damaged as a result of a fall or other impact with the external packaging intact will be declined as the damage will either; not have occurred in transit or the internal packaging will not have been sufficient to protect the product.

11.9 Claims for damage will not be accepted for any goods described as damaged or faulty (or similar), or where the reason for export “Repair” has been used at the point of booking.

11.10 Parcels should not be strapped or attached together. This is not a secure way for parcels to travel in the courier network. No claim can be made for any additional item that was strapped to the original in the event that they become separated or damaged in transit. The same applies to any goods packaged inside suitcases, holdalls, duffel bags or any similar container.

11.11 If adhered to, our packaging guidelines are designed to assist customers in preparing their items to withstand the four main types of stresses parcels/pallets are subject to in an express courier network (shock, compression, vibration and atmospheric). The industry standard tests are conducted by the “International Safe Transit Association” and in particular test 3A, 3B and 3E which apply to individual parcels up to 68kgs and packaged goods either palletised or skidded. Claims for goods that do not comply with our Packaging Guidelines will not be accepted.

12. Liability & Claims

12.1 Each service comes with a limited amount of inclusive liability (transit cover). If you require extended liability (maximum £1,000 cover per consignment), it must be purchased at the point of booking. You must check our prohibited items and items with limited liability list to ensure your goods qualify before purchasing extended liability. You can check this here.

12.2 Extended liability replaces the inclusive liability. In the event of a claim and when covered, you may request recompense for any value up to the declared shipment value. Please note; a shipment is covered for the cost (not resale) value of the goods only. Extended liability is automatically added to each shipment booked based on the value declared. If it is not required you should opt out at this point in the booking process.

12.3 Cover applies per consignment only and not per parcel within a multi parcel consignment.

12.4 Under no circumstances can a claim be made for monetary amounts exceeding those declared to customs.

12.5 Claim applications for third to fourth party shipments (drop shipping) will not be accepted under any circumstances.

12.6 When making a claim, you are claiming against You cannot claim against our carriers directly. Any attempt to claim against our carrier directly will void any claim with for that shipment. will not accept claim applications from any party other than the registered account holder who placed the order.

12.7 Claims must be accompanied by the following supplementary evidence before they can be assessed. All evidence must be submitted within 10 calendar days of the date that a claim is initiated. If further information or evidence is requested by us during assessment, it must be provided within seven calendar days of our request.

  • Photographic evidence clearly demonstrating the damage to the goods (for damage claims only).
  • Photographic evidence clearly demonstrating the internal and external packaging used (for damage claims only).
  • A cost invoice proving the cost value of the goods (if lost or irreparable) or a company headed /stamped repair bill or quote (if repairable).

12.8 Where compensation is given for damaged goods that cannot be repaired, will take ownership of the damaged goods.

12.9 Deadlines for claiming for damaged and lost goods:

  • Receipt of damaged goods must be brought to our attention within 5 business days of delivery.
  • Non-receipt of goods must be brought to our attention within 12 business days from the date of collection

Failure to meet these deadlines will result in a claim application being rejected. We may require up to at least 21 calendar days to review all details of a claim before the claimant is contacted.

12.10’s Claims Department reserves the right to contact all involved parties during claim investigations, including the shipper, receiver, supplier or any other connected third party.

12.11 All customers reserve the right to appeal a claim decision. Doing so we will enable our Claims Team to either provide further clarification on how the decision was reached or review the claim based on new information or evidence. Appeals must be submitted to the Claims Department within 14 days from the date on your return claim statement.

12.12 Any details entered on the claims documents must be clear, accurate and known to be true to the best of the claimant’s knowledge. Providing false or misleading information will be taken seriously and may be passed onto the Crown Prosecution Service and reported under the Fraud Act of 2006.

12.13 If a package or consignment is under declared in size or weight, any and all transit cover will be null and void.

12.14 In the event of a claim settlement, payments will be made via cheque or BACS transfer. Payments can be made to UK, Ireland and EU bank accounts only.

13. Liability Continued

13.1 Liability is limited to the negligence of the company carrying the goods. This is then limited to the customer who placed the order with

13.2’s liability is limited to the shipping costs paid to us and to the cost of the value of the goods shipped if a claim is raised. We will not be liable for any further claim for any loss of profit, administrative inconvenience, disappointment, or indirect or consequential loss (including labour or associated costs) or damage arising out of any problem in relation to the service you ordered.

14. Severability

14.1 If any part of these terms and conditions is found to be unenforceable as a matter of law, the enforceability of any other part of these terms and conditions will not be affected.

15. Governing Law

15.1 These terms and conditions and any contract between us shall be governed by and interpreted in accordance with English Law and the English Courts an Irish laws in Ireland and shall have jurisdiction over any disputes between us.

16. Statutory Rights

16.1 These terms and conditions are in addition to your statutory rights as a consumer which remains unaffected. The Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999 shall not apply to this agreement.

17. Use of the Brand

17.1 You agree that you shall not use the words ‘courier’, ‘’ or any variant that includes the word ‘’ or may be confused with it on Google Adwords, Bing Ads or any similar internet advertising service. Any use of these terms would be in breach of our registered Trademark and legal action will be taken to protect ourselves.

18. Terms of Service for Freight Forwarders

18.1 Subject to written request, may choose to work with selected freight forwards /third-party shipping agents, provided that all collections booked with us are collected from premises associated with that business or owned by the account holder.

18.2 Freight forwarders and other third party shipping agents using’s services must provide full and accurate descriptions of all goods shipped.

18.2.1 You cannot ship any hazardous/dangerous goods with under any circumstances. Please refer to our prohibited items list for information on other goods prohibited from our services.

18.3 accepts no liability or responsibility for goods shipped by freight forwarders/Or 3rd party shipping agents.

18.3.1 Claims for damage or loss of goods or for delayed deliveries will not be accepted or considered.

18.3.2 Under no circumstances should you or your customers attempt to claim against a carrier directly.

18.4 When using our services, you hold contract with and not our carriers. All contact and queries must be directed through who will in turn contact the relevant carrier on your behalf if necessary.

18.4.1 will liaise with the account holders only. Customer service is not extended to your customers.

18.4.2 Your customers are not permitted to contact the carriers regarding shipments arranged through

18.5 Collections and deliveries are not proactively monitored by Unless where otherwise specified, collections and deliveries can take place at any time of day, usually between 09:00 and 17:30.

18.6 It is essential that only the shipping documents provides are used. Costs associated with the use of any other shipping documentation will be charged in full to your account.

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