Frequently Asked Questions - Packaging

If it’s fragile or contains sharp objects, we will require boxed and protected with cushioning material. If your item is fragile or breakable in any way, we will need to take special care when shipping it.

For instance, what should I do with my product label? If you have an item that needs to be packed carefully and securely, it needs to be packed in its packing materials and box. The box must not contain anything else that would interfere with the package’s ability to withstand shipping. If you do not want to buy a box for your packaging, you can use bubble wrap or paper. You can also use a piece of string tied around the Item as a handle. We recommend using a plastic bag to cover your Item.

You can check our guide section to learn more about how to package.

Sorry, we don’t provide packing supplies, but we can arrange courier service. Please get in touch with us for more information.

We can provide custom packaging in the following situations: sending fragile items such as glass, crystal, china, or ceramic. If you want to send items that are not too large and can be boxed easily, we can take care of this for you. For example, you could send a pair of glasses, a bottle of perfume, or a book or DVD. We charge £10 per hour for this service. We can also provide a shipping quote, so please call us first for more information.

Since this is an additional service, you will have to pay for the box, tape, string, etc. We can usually arrange a courier service to do this for you.