Frequently Asked Questions - Online Booking

Simply click on ‘Send a Parcel’ and follow the simple steps to send a parcel. You will have your quote in a few moments.

Follow the simple steps after selecting ‘Send a Parcel’ at the top of any page. Your quote will be ready in seconds.

The size of the parcel will determine the cost of delivery. All of the carrier services we offer have different weight and size restrictions. When you send us the details of the weight and dimensions of your parcel, we will let you know the price within a few seconds.

To conclude the booking process, please follow the simple steps for each parcel you wish to send.

The carriers we use for most of our deliveries are very good at providing feedback about their delivery. You will always receive an email confirmation within 2 days of your order being dispatched.

We accept credit card payments via Stripe, Bank transfer, and PayPal. Paypal carries a 4% commission.